Cleaning, milling and extraction of our oil: Olivar de la Luna

In this post, we want to share with you one of the most important processes in our oil production. We hope you find it interesting.

Once the olives are brought from the land, they are placed in the cleaning courtyard. There, we clean them using a mechanism that removes all the leaves remaining from the harvest.

Afterwards, we weigh out olives so a computer program can register the amount of them that has been milled everyday.

Finally, olives are inserted in the mill and that is when all the milling and oil extraction process begin.

Olives are milled by a hammermill and the resulting paste goes through a malaxer where the oil drops contained in olives cells get mixed. This process is essential for the quality of oil, since the paste exposition to an excessive temperature would make its organoleptic qualities decrease and, as a result, the oil quality would be much lower.

In order to avoid this, the temperature we use for milling is under 27 degrees. That is the reason why we can label our oil as “Cold extraction Olive Oil” 

Around 45 minutes after this malaxing process, the paste is introduced in the decanter, a cone shaped machine where the oil gets separated from the rest of olive components through centrifugation and also because of the different weight of each substance. At this moment, we have already obtained our extra ecologic virgin olive oil, which will be stored in a stainless steel deposit after a natural decantation period.

In Olivar de la Luna olives must go everyday through a visual inspection in order to guarantee its suitability. The oil obtained, as well, will have to pass both physical and chemical test and be approved in an organoleptic tasting. This way, we will be able to stored it according to its characteristics. The aim of all this tests is to reach an uniform blending for oil packing and marketing.

The rest of olives components: pulp, skin and stone, are stored in pools so they can be reused as fertilizer in the olive grove after composting process.

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Olivar de la luna, aceite de oliva virgen extra ecológico