Almocafre on the responsible consumer’s day

On March 15th, consumers day will be celebrated all around the world. It is just another way of remembering that choosing some products and refusing other when buying is an act loaded of responsibility.

Each decision of economic nature we take has repercussions on both environment and people around us. Decisions about consume and services are taken constantly but that does not mean they do not have great implications. Everyday, we choose between different options. We take this kind of decisions automatically, conditioned by marketing and its persuasion.

When we go to work every morning, we take the bus or we go walking. Maybe we even use our own vehicle, contributing a little more unnecessary pollution, wasting a little bit more of a limited resource such as petroleum and giving more and more profit to the greatest fortunes in the world. When buying the food we need, we can choose between products mass-produced by big marks on food, hamburgers, pizzas and, in short, all industrial food. We have the option, as well, of obtaining our products on the market, the familiar business next to our home, the closest greengrocer’s or the shop specialized in ecological products. This decision does matter, it is not irrelevant. The decisions  we take are votes we make daily. Through this votes, we can support our farming, our market gardeners, or we can promote dependences on economies looking for benefits, even when those benefits generate an irreparable damage on the planet, its lands and its water.

Each decision we take as a consumer holds a potential repercussion on society, human relations, social justice and wealth distribution around the world.  We make it out of habit, unconsciously. We use to think individual decisions do not count, that they can not transform reality.

From Almocafre Ecological Consume Cooperative Society, we assume the responsibility of supporting with our little actions as consumers all this agricultures and ranchings that do are respectful with environment. We support, as well, local producers, allowing and promoting economies of proximity. This compromise makes possible existence of economical movement and employment on rural society.

If we avoid the consume of products that not only pollute environment but also can harm irreparably our health we will improve our life conditions. Both alimentary and health crisis have been taking place constantly. We just have to remember the mad cow disease, the foot-and-mouth disease, the pork plague, the cases of legionnaire’s disease, the E.coli pollution on German vegetables…

Our common acts of consume can also hold a gesture of solidarity towards other parts of the world. We can be supportive through fair trade. That is why in our cooperative we offer products such as coffee and sugar coming from rural regions on Latin America. They are distributed by IDEAS, an organization specialized  in cooperation and education on development. We are convinced that supporting Andalusian rural world, practising ecological production and promoting equality in commercial relationships around the world we are also helping to make possible sustainability in our planet.


Miguel Navazo Suela

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