Spend a weekend in Olivar de la Luna

Olivar de la Luna likes Facebook. It makes possible for us to know our clients directly.
We believe/think communication between producers and consumers has to be direct, without intermediaries. But if there is something we like even more, is meeting our clients face to face, show them the process of extraction and packaging, let them know our diary rutine, the place we live in.
That is the reason why we invite you to take part in this contest, so the winner can spend a weekend with us. We promess to give you all our ecological energy, a great mill breakfast and, of course, let you taste first hand the best of all VEOOs.

The contest consist on a weekend for two all included. Do not hesitate and come to know our project!

Atention!, if you are the winner and you cannot come, you can also choose who you want to come in your place, give your luck as a present!

If you want to take part the only thing you have to do is find us on Facebook and click “I like”, that way we will start from this very moment! And remember, do not keep it as a secret, maybe some of your friends will find it interesting, let them know about it!

On May 18th we will carry out a draw between all of you who have take part in the contest.

The rules of the draw are the following:

OdlL will contact with the winner through a private message in Facebook and we will make a publication on the of OdlL website. If during the five following days the winner does not give any answer to our message we will make another draw with the rest of constestants.

Taking part in the contest implies the acceptance of all this information, including the decision. Between this acceptance will be the permission to publish your name if you are the winner on Facebook, Twitter and Olivar de la Luna’s blog. Olivar de la Luna will not claim responsibility for the publication third persons can make on social-networking, discussion forums or blogs in which appear the name of the winner after this publication.

Trip’s charges to Olivar de la Luna will be borne by the winner.

Each participant may accept some personal information to be included in Olivar de la Luna archives. The only thing we will use this information for is communicating the final result. If the participant wants to change any information given, he or she will be able to do it just by sending us a private message via Facebook.

Facebook does not sponsors, guarantees or administrates at all this promotion, and it is neither associated to it. You are giving information to Olivar de la Luna and not Facebook. This information will only be used for this contest and the promotion of this mark.

Good luck!

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