Spend a weekend in Olivar de la Luna

Olivar de la Luna likes Facebook. It makes possible for us to know our clients directly.
We believe/think communication between producers and consumers has to be direct, without intermediaries. But if there is something we like even more, is meeting our clients face to face, show them the process of extraction and packaging, let them know our diary rutine, the place we live in.
That is the reason why we invite you to take part in this contest, so the winner can spend a weekend with us. We promess to give you all our ecological energy, a great mill breakfast and, of course, let you taste first hand the best of all VEOOs.

The contest consist on a weekend for two all included. Do not hesitate and come to know our project!

Atention!, if you are the winner and you cannot come, you can also choose who you want to come in your place, give your luck as a present!

If you want to take part the only thing you have to do is find us on Facebook and click “I like”, that way we will start from this very moment! And remember, do not keep it as a secret, maybe some of your friends will find it interesting, let them know about it!

On May 18th we will carry out a draw between all of you who have take part in the contest.

The rules of the draw are the following:

OdlL will contact with the winner through a private message in Facebook and we will make a publication on the of OdlL website. If during the five following days the winner does not give any answer to our message we will make another draw with the rest of constestants.

Taking part in the contest implies the acceptance of all this information, including the decision. Between this acceptance will be the permission to publish your name if you are the winner on Facebook, Twitter and Olivar de la Luna’s blog. Olivar de la Luna will not claim responsibility for the publication third persons can make on social-networking, discussion forums or blogs in which appear the name of the winner after this publication.

Trip’s charges to Olivar de la Luna will be borne by the winner.

Each participant may accept some personal information to be included in Olivar de la Luna archives. The only thing we will use this information for is communicating the final result. If the participant wants to change any information given, he or she will be able to do it just by sending us a private message via Facebook.

Facebook does not sponsors, guarantees or administrates at all this promotion, and it is neither associated to it. You are giving information to Olivar de la Luna and not Facebook. This information will only be used for this contest and the promotion of this mark.

Good luck!

Almocafre on the responsible consumer’s day

On March 15th, consumers day will be celebrated all around the world. It is just another way of remembering that choosing some products and refusing other when buying is an act loaded of responsibility.

Each decision of economic nature we take has repercussions on both environment and people around us. Decisions about consume and services are taken constantly but that does not mean they do not have great implications. Everyday, we choose between different options. We take this kind of decisions automatically, conditioned by marketing and its persuasion.

When we go to work every morning, we take the bus or we go walking. Maybe we even use our own vehicle, contributing a little more unnecessary pollution, wasting a little bit more of a limited resource such as petroleum and giving more and more profit to the greatest fortunes in the world. When buying the food we need, we can choose between products mass-produced by big marks on food, hamburgers, pizzas and, in short, all industrial food. We have the option, as well, of obtaining our products on the market, the familiar business next to our home, the closest greengrocer’s or the shop specialized in ecological products. This decision does matter, it is not irrelevant. The decisions  we take are votes we make daily. Through this votes, we can support our farming, our market gardeners, or we can promote dependences on economies looking for benefits, even when those benefits generate an irreparable damage on the planet, its lands and its water.

Each decision we take as a consumer holds a potential repercussion on society, human relations, social justice and wealth distribution around the world.  We make it out of habit, unconsciously. We use to think individual decisions do not count, that they can not transform reality.

From Almocafre Ecological Consume Cooperative Society, we assume the responsibility of supporting with our little actions as consumers all this agricultures and ranchings that do are respectful with environment. We support, as well, local producers, allowing and promoting economies of proximity. This compromise makes possible existence of economical movement and employment on rural society.

If we avoid the consume of products that not only pollute environment but also can harm irreparably our health we will improve our life conditions. Both alimentary and health crisis have been taking place constantly. We just have to remember the mad cow disease, the foot-and-mouth disease, the pork plague, the cases of legionnaire’s disease, the E.coli pollution on German vegetables…

Our common acts of consume can also hold a gesture of solidarity towards other parts of the world. We can be supportive through fair trade. That is why in our cooperative we offer products such as coffee and sugar coming from rural regions on Latin America. They are distributed by IDEAS, an organization specialized  in cooperation and education on development. We are convinced that supporting Andalusian rural world, practising ecological production and promoting equality in commercial relationships around the world we are also helping to make possible sustainability in our planet.


Miguel Navazo Suela

We finally have our winner!

As we promised, OdlL has the winner for its contest to spend a great weekend knowing our project!!!

Two weeks ago we launched a contest. Its participants applied for a weekend all-expense-paid in Olivar de la Luna, our home. We offered the possibility of visiting the mill were we carry out the extraction, storage and packing of our EVEOO and enjoining such a beautiful landscape.

And the winner is…Marian Zitegi de Miguel, (Bilbao). Our 97 participant!!

Congratulations Marian!! We are waiting for your answer! Contact with us and we will give you all the rest of the information needed.

Thanks to all of you who have take part in this contest. We would have love to be able to give more prizes!! Soon we will launch more and more contests, pay attention!!

Here you can watch how the contest was carried out:


Thank you again. Marian will tell you soon!

New web for “Olivar de la Luna”

Welcome to our new web. First and foremost, we must tell you that we are very excited about this change of scenery and we would love to share it with all of you who make it possible.

Everyone visiting www.olivardelaluna.es from now on, will find a very different web from the one we had before.

We have renewed a lot of things. Its design is completely different. Now, there are new navigation tools and a section for audiovisual material. Nowadays, the media are essential to provide interested people with a faster information and a more fluent communication.


Why we make this change?

Because a new generation has arrived to “Olivar de la Luna” with a more dynamic and actual way of working based on the use of new technologies.


What is the aim of this change?

To remain presents working for a future as the ecological family business that we are.

To inform as far as possible about who we are, how we work and how our product is.

To know the opinions, doubts and wishes of the people interested in our product.

To bring close our product to all consumers valuing ecological diet. To bring it close, as well, to shops and other companies working so hard for offering high quality food.

We must face our future open-minded and keep walking professionally at the same time we keep all the respectful and quality values that have characterized us since the very beginning.

We invite you to enjoy this updating new project.

Cleaning, milling and extraction of our oil: Olivar de la Luna

In this post, we want to share with you one of the most important processes in our oil production. We hope you find it interesting.

Once the olives are brought from the land, they are placed in the cleaning courtyard. There, we clean them using a mechanism that removes all the leaves remaining from the harvest.

Afterwards, we weigh out olives so a computer program can register the amount of them that has been milled everyday.

Finally, olives are inserted in the mill and that is when all the milling and oil extraction process begin.

Olives are milled by a hammermill and the resulting paste goes through a malaxer where the oil drops contained in olives cells get mixed. This process is essential for the quality of oil, since the paste exposition to an excessive temperature would make its organoleptic qualities decrease and, as a result, the oil quality would be much lower.

In order to avoid this, the temperature we use for milling is under 27 degrees. That is the reason why we can label our oil as “Cold extraction Olive Oil” 

Around 45 minutes after this malaxing process, the paste is introduced in the decanter, a cone shaped machine where the oil gets separated from the rest of olive components through centrifugation and also because of the different weight of each substance. At this moment, we have already obtained our extra ecologic virgin olive oil, which will be stored in a stainless steel deposit after a natural decantation period.

In Olivar de la Luna olives must go everyday through a visual inspection in order to guarantee its suitability. The oil obtained, as well, will have to pass both physical and chemical test and be approved in an organoleptic tasting. This way, we will be able to stored it according to its characteristics. The aim of all this tests is to reach an uniform blending for oil packing and marketing.

The rest of olives components: pulp, skin and stone, are stored in pools so they can be reused as fertilizer in the olive grove after composting process.

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healthy food

How many recognized benefits for health does our product have?

There are a lot of epidemiological and clinical studies that have proved the narrow bond between the consumption of this food and the improvement of cardiovascular health markers (LDL-colesterol, HDL-colesterol and inflammatory markers).

Nevertheless, this bond must be evident enough for the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to admit them. This would allow us to include in our labels declarations about the nutritional value and the healthy properties of our product.

The European legislation about labeling require a long verification process. The EFSA requires this declarations to have been previously proved according to the regulation 1924/2006. At the moment, The EFSA is considering admitting products with numerous nutritional virtues to be labeled as healthy. Probably, in the near future, the labels of extra ecologic virgin olive oils will be allowed to include messages alluding their content of monounsaturated fatty acids and the convenience of their polyphenols on oxidative stress prevention.

José López Miranda, from the Excellence Center on Investigation of Olive Oil and Healthy (CEAS), finds paradoxical that in a country such as the USA, the labeling of olive oil as healthy for the heart have been allowed for ten years now whereas the main oil producing continent, Europe, can not show this evidences in the promotion and labeling of this product. From the CEAS, research lines about beneficial, protectives and curative properties of olive oil go beyond the cardiovascular area. The scientists of this association are now analyzing the positive effects of olive oil on chronic and degenerative diseases such as diabetes, cancer or the basic aging process.

However, by now, the “healthy food” label offers resistance.